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TEXAS Licensed Professional Counselors

As a LPC in Texas, how many CEUs am I required to earn?
24 CEUs are required every two years (NOTE: 15 of these CEUs can be earned online)

Are there any specific CEU Topics that I need to take?
Of the 24 CEUs that you need, at least four CEUs need to be in law and ethics (with at least 2 specific to Texas LPC Law and Ethics). Although we offer a Law and Ethics course, we do not offer a Texas LPC Law and Ethics course.

How many CEU Courses from CEU Love will count toward the 24 CEU requirement?
All of the CEUs that we offer will count toward your requirement. However, remember that only 15 of your 24 CEUs can be earned online and there are specifics for the Law and Ethics course requirements. You can purchase an all-access pass and earn all of the CEUs that we offer for a low price of only $59! You can get access here:

NOTE: If you are an approved supervisor, you may have additional CEU requirements. We currently do not offer any supervision courses at this time. 

Remember that state laws can change. It is YOUR responsibility to determine your state license requirements.

Review all of the specifics from your licensing board here: