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MAINE Licensed Clinical Social Workers

As stated in state guidelines Chapter 14 CONTINUING PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION, acceptable CEUs include:
“3. Continuing Professional Education Activities

Continuing professional education contact hours may be earned by participation in the following activities only:

1. Seminars, Workshops and Institutes

2. Academic Courses

3. In-Service Training Sessions

4. Distance Learning Activities in Which Immediate Interaction With the Instructor is Available

5. Teaching, Writing, Audiotapes, Videotapes, Independent Study, Certain Distance Learning

A maximum of 10 hours total is permitted within the following 3 categories:

A. Teaching. A social worker may claim continuing professional education credit for preparation and presentation of a course, workshop or seminar for the first time it is presented, only.

B. Writing. A social worker may claim continuing professional education credit for writing articles and books for publication, as well as for reviewing and editing articles and books.

C. Audiotapes/disks, Videotapes/disks, and Independent Study. A licensee may claim continuing professional education credit only once for a particular audiotape/disk, videotape/disk or course of independent study. Continuing professional education credit may not be claimed for a course of independent study that is substantially similar to a course that the licensee has previously taken for credit.

D. Non-interactive distance learning. Distance learning activities in which immediate interaction with the instructor is not available.”

CEU Love is a California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT)-approved Continuing Education Provider (CEPA) for the Board of Behavioral Sciences’ licensees in compliance with the California Code of Regulations Title 16 §1887 et seq.; Provider #136347

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